China Spy 

中国间谍 (Chinese Title: Zhong Guo Jian Die)

Overview: ( updated: 08/17/2014)

Produced by: Ange Maya (Producer) |

Directed by:  

Writers (WGA): Ange Maya (Original Screenplay and original story) 

Produced by: Ange Maya Pictures |

Pre-production:  2018

Genre: Sci-Fi | Action 

US COPYRIGHT OFFICE Registration Number: PAu003441564 ; WGA Registration Number :1397701


    Ange Maya (Aleta: Vampire Mistress | Happy Ending)           ...   CHINA (Mei Lin)

    Julianne Michelle ( Awakened | The House Is Burning)  ...  

    Laurene Landon (Maniac CopMasters of Horror)        ... 

    Jack O'Halloran (Superman, Superman II, King Kong)     ...  Assassin

    Marqus Bobesich  (Serendipity                                 ...  Narrator (Voice Over for Concept Trailer) 


Visual Effects by:


Phil Condit (                (Aleta:Vampire Mistress)                                                ...  Concept Trailer