Original Title CHINA SPY (Charles Mariotti's version, Copyright: PAu003747536)  has been renamed as NUCLEAR GIRL

Original Title CHINA SPY (Ange Maya's version, Copyright: PAu003441564) has been officially renamed as SUPER CLONE

Nuclear Girl



Sci-Fi Action Feature Film | NUCLEAR GIRL


TAGLINE: Can a Chinese NUCLEAR GIRL overcome humanís most basic emotion- Love, for special mission?

SYNOPSES: Unlike normal and constant corporate espionage, she carries a game changing advantage. Her mind functions like a supercomputer anticipating actions far faster than a human being. That is until she finds the one thing the CPU canít control. Love.  Will she complete her mission or choose the one thing that has made her feel human? She is Advanced NUCLEAR GIRL powered with nuclear CPU.


Overview: ( updated: 08/17/2014)

Produced by: Ange Maya (Producer) |

Directed by:  



Charles Mariotti, co-writer (Nuclear Girl, Angelís Gate, Reaper 6);

Ange Maya, co-writer (Aleta: Vampire Mistress, Nuclear Girl, Super Clone, Consciousness, E.T. President) ; 

Story: Charles Mariotti; Original Script: Ange Maya

Produced by: Ange Maya Pictures |


Genre: Sci-Fi | Action 


Jack O'Halloran (Superman, Superman II, King Kong) ... Russian Assassin
Ange Maya (Aleta: Vampire Mistress, Nuclear Girl, E.T. President) ...
Julianne Michelle ( Awakened | The House Is Burning) ... 
Laurene Landon (Maniac Cop, Masters of Horror) ... 
Marqus Bobesich (Serendipity)                                                                              ... Narrator (Voice Over for Concept Trailer) 



Phil Condit (                (Aleta:Vampire Mistress)                                                           ...  Concept Trailer