A Chinese Operative must overcome both her love interest as well as her Superiors while tracking an Industry changing Biochip


CHINA SPY is a highly thrilling, action and emotion charged romp through the world of Chinese/American espionage following Agent CHINA, the always ravishing and exotic Mei Lin (by Ange Maya - Aleta: Vampire Mistress), who because of an advanced cloning transfusion she has become the world’s leading corporate espionage spy. Her impossible beauty, expert training make her impossible to beat and she is at the top of her game. However on her most important mission she meets an American Spy named Adam. Although they are adversaries they simply can’t resist their feelings for each other. She now has a dilemma. Does her allegiance belong to the Superiors whom have given her a new life or does she follow her heart and work with the man she now loves? She is now a target from both the companies and country she has been stealing from as well as her Superiors which believe she is now a traitor. Is she? She will have to make a decision that will decide her Life. She is China Spy.